Three Things That You Will Want To Consider Before Having A Tree Removed


If you have a dying tree in your yard, cutting it down may be an option that you are considering. The tree removal is not as simple as just cutting the tree down though, there are some things that you will want to consider first, such as dealing with the waste and whether or not to remove the stump. Here are some of the things that you will want to consider before having your tree cut down:

1. Deciding If Removal Is Needed Or If There Are Other Options

Removing a tree may be the last resort that you want to deal with a problem. There may be other options to save your tree and let it live a few more years. Pruning and trimming unhealthy growth can be done to help save your tree. If there is a lot of dead growth in the canopy of the tree, topping it may be an option. Topping is where the canopy is cut off the tree and the trunk is left to grow new growth. This can be done to some species of trees, but many trees will eventually die once they have been topped because the new growth is never going to be as strong or healthy as the original growth.

2. Dealing With The Waste From Your Tree Removal

When you do have to remove a tree, there is going to be a lot of waste to deal with. Usually, tree services can help you grind branches and cut large trunks. They may also haul the tree off. These things will cost more, so you may want to consider finding uses for the waste yourself to reduce costs. You can use the waste materials for things like timber, firewood and mulch for landscaping. 

3. Having The Stump Removed, Ground Or Just Leaving It

There is also the stump that will be left behind after you have the tree removed. There are a couple of things that can be done with the stump. You may want to have it dug out of the ground and hauled off, which will leave a hole where the stump was. You can also have it ground with a machine to reduce the hole. These are options if the stump is in the middle of landscaping. If the stump is out of the way and not a problem, the easiest thing to do will be to just leave it and let it rot away naturally.

These are some things that you will want to consider before having a tree cut down. If you are ready to get rid of your problem tree, contact a tree removal service like Chudy Tree Care and talk with them about the best option to take care of the trees in your yard.


26 August 2015

Improving The Look Of Our Trees

After we moved into our house, we knew that something had to be done about our trees. The branches looked off-kilter, and we could tell that someone had pruned them incorrectly at one time or another. Unfortunately, we weren't really sure how to repair the damage. A family friend talked with us about hiring a professional tree trimmer, and so we called them the next day. The difference that they made was astounding. They removed dead branches, trimmed up the shape, and let more sunlight through. My blog is all about improving the look of your trees by hiring a professional.