Removing Your Tree Stump Naturally


If you have a tree in your yard that is dead, dying, or a hazard to your home, you must consider removing it. However, the tree removal process is the easy part. The hard part comes when it is time to remove the tree stump. They are extremely hazardous to the yard because they can be tripped on, run over with the lawn mower, and encourage pests to make your yard their home. One method to remove tree stumps is with chemicals, but then you are introducing more problems to your lawn. Therefore, it is best to look for natural ways to speed the decay and remove the tree stump.

Speed the Decay Process

If you want to remove a stump in your yard easily, you need to speed up the decay process. This is done by taking a drill and creating several holes that are about a half inch in diameter. You will then put blood meal, a fertilizer with 12-percent nitrogen, into the holes. Some people have found making a compost pile on the stump is a successful way to raise the nitrogen level, speed up the decay, and end up with natural fertilizer. You will need to add water to the process on a regular basis to keep the decay at a steady rate.

Dig, Grind, Chip

Once you have the decay process going, you will be ready to start removing the stump. It is going to take some time, so it is best to start by chipping away at the stump as it begins to decay.

In addition, you will want to start digging around the stump to break up the roots. Start with the shallow roots that can be removed with hoes, shovels, and pick axes. However, you may need to rent a grinder to remove any tree stump that is resistant to the decaying process. Finally, to get the roots and pieces that are not willing to come out and are at least a foot above the ground service, you have the option to rent a tractor and pull the stump out via a heavy chain. You want to make sure that you are taking great caution so you do not throw debris into your home or other people.

It will take time and patience to remove a tree stump naturally, but it will prevent you from having to recover damaged soil from chemicals. There are also many tree removal companies, like Brown's Tree Service, who will help remove your stump if needed.


4 November 2015

Improving The Look Of Our Trees

After we moved into our house, we knew that something had to be done about our trees. The branches looked off-kilter, and we could tell that someone had pruned them incorrectly at one time or another. Unfortunately, we weren't really sure how to repair the damage. A family friend talked with us about hiring a professional tree trimmer, and so we called them the next day. The difference that they made was astounding. They removed dead branches, trimmed up the shape, and let more sunlight through. My blog is all about improving the look of your trees by hiring a professional.