Factors Your City May Consider When Granting Your Permit For Tree Removal


It's common to have trees removed from yards. This may happen for a number of reasons, but it may be more involved than just calling a tree removal company and having the work done the next day. You may also need to involve your city. Each municipality has its own regulations when it comes to removing mature trees, so you want to understand how the regulations apply to you before you call a tree care company. Here are things that may matter to your city's codes office.

The Location Of The Tree

If your tree is growing next to the street, it might be in the city's easement. In this situation, you may not be allowed to remove the tree because the city considers the tree their property and responsibility. If a tree is growing straight up and into power lines, it may be in an easement if it's in the front or back yard. The easement may belong to the city or utility company, or it may be shared.

The tree removal company may not be allowed to take out or even trim a tree that's under primary high-voltage lines. The utility company or city will tend these trees as they see fit, even if you don't agree with their approach. The tree care professional can check your tree and let you know if it's potentially in an easement and whether they can do work on the tree.

The Diameter And Height Of The Tree

Your city may not have any regulations at all for young trees under a certain size. If so, a tree removal company can take out the tree or trees without involving the city. That may change once a tree is mature since mature trees are so valuable to the environment. You may need to apply for a permit to remove a mature tree, and you might even need a valid reason for wanting it removed.

The Species Of Tree

The species of the tree you want removed could be more important than you expect. Certain trees may be protected in your area, and you may not be able to remove these trees unless they're damaged in a storm or sick. Invasive trees that aren't as valuable may not be protected or even require a permit to remove. A tree removal professional can verify the type of tree you have since the type of tree might even matter when giving you an estimate for the cost for removal.

Part of the permit process for tree removal could include marking the tree or trees you want removed so the city inspector can check the trees to determine if they'll allow you to remove them. If so, you might be required to plant a replacement tree somewhere on your property to make up for a lost tree. If you need to do this, check with your city on the type of trees permitted in your yard as replacement trees, since you may be required to plant a protected species.


7 June 2022

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