Why Use Tick Control Services In Your Yard?


Don't assume that you'll only ever come into contact with ticks when you take a walk in woods or parks. These insects are also found in home gardens.

If you think you have ticks in your yard, then it's worth hiring a local tree or gardening service that offers tick control services. How does this service work? Why should you use it?

How Do Tick Controls Work? 

Your contractor will run through various stages during a tick control visit. First, they'll take a close look around your yard to see if they can see any evidence of ticks in the area.

Even if they can't immediately spot any insects during their inspection, they understand the types of plants and habitats that attract ticks. They'll also talk to you about whether you, your family, or your pets have been bitten recently. This information helps them work out if you do have a problem that needs treatment.

Your contractor will then talk to you about your yard and its plants. They'll give you tips on how to make your yard less appealing to ticks.

For example, if you have areas of long grass or lots of weeds in your yards, then they might recommend that you clear these areas. Ticks are less likely to settle in short grass and weeded yards.

Finally, your contractor can identify areas that might need treatment. They can use various products to kill these insects in areas such as lawns and borders. They will recommend products that are safe to use and that won't harm any of your existing plants.

Why Use a Tick Control Service?

Many tick bites are simply inconvenient. However, some people and animals have nasty reactions to these bites.

For example, people can get serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease, from tick bites. Humans and dogs can suffer from Rocky Mountain spotted fever; cats and dogs can get tick paralysis.

If you think you have ticks in your yard, then you can't enjoy your outdoor space. If you or your pets get regular bites, then you won't want to spend time in your yard.

Tick control measures will help. You will learn how to manage your yard to reduce the chances of ticks living in it. Your contractor can also put down tick treatments to kill any insects in the area.

You'll be able to spend more time in your yard without worrying about being bitten. You'll keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe from harm.

To get started, contact local tree or gardening companies and ask about their tick control services.


27 June 2023

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