Why Is Your Pine Tree Losing Its Needles?


Pine trees are not meant to shed their needles in the fall like deciduous trees shed their leaves. While a few needles tumbling off here and there are no cause for concern, you should be worried if your pine tree suddenly starts losing large numbers of needles. Here's a look at some of the most common causes of needle loss in pines—and what you should do about them. Needle Blight

11 November 2016

4 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy


Trees can be great to have on your property; not only do they offer shade on sunny days, but they can also provide wind protection and additional privacy. Still, trees require a certain level of care and maintenance in order to keep them healthy; otherwise, they can become riddled with pests and diseases. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to maintain the health of any trees on your property.

26 April 2016

Seven Flowering Trees For Your Yard


One of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of your yard – not to mention your home's curb appeal -- is by planting flowering trees. However, not all flowering trees are created equally – some produce much more flamboyant flowers than others do. The following seven species are some of the most beautiful flowering trees, and they all deserve consideration for your yard or garden. Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

5 April 2016

Two Winter Tips To Ensure Your Trees Are Ready For Spring


Although there might be snow on the ground, the good news is that winter will soon be over. Before you know it, the temperature will rise and your lawn will once again turn green. Are your trees ready for spring? There are a number of important steps you need to take before the end of winter to ensure your trees will flourish, grow and remain healthy during the spring. Inspect

17 February 2016

Can Money Be Made From Yard Trees?


Most homeowners with mature trees in their yards must one day face the reality of having to have one or more removed. This can be due to injury or disease, or it can just become apparent that the tree is near the end of its natural life. It may also have simply grown too big and it, or its root system, is putting your home or out structures at risk and has become a liability.

9 January 2016

Methods For Tree Thinning


The canopy of an overgrown tree consists of a maze of crossed and rubbing branches. This can lead to major problems, such as weak growth and branch damage. Overgrown tree canopies also have poor sunlight penetration and air circulation, which can result in weaker leaves and fungal diseases. The following guide can help you trim out the overgrowth properly so you have a healthy tree. Thinning Vs. Topping Both thinning and topping are methods of controlling an overgrown canopy, but thinning is far superior.

6 January 2016

5 Benefits Of Trimming Your Trees


Tree trimming is a task that often gets overlooked by property owners. However, the trees surrounding your home need attention in order to stay healthy and beautiful. Getting your trees pruned at least once a year is definitely worth the investment. Here are five benefits of trimming your trees: It Can Improve the Health of Your Trees One of the most important benefits of tree trimming is how much healthier it will make your trees.

8 December 2015

Learning More About Oak-Root Fungus And Your Trees


Armillaria, commonly known as oak-tree fungus or shoestring root rot, is an incurable tree disease that seems to prefer wide-leafed hardwood trees like oaks. However, root rot has been found to infect conifer trees as well like spruces and firs. Learning more about how to identify oak-root fungus can help you prevent it from infecting your healthy trees. Some Mushrooms Are Symptoms Of Oak-Root Fungus During cooler, mild weather, the mushrooms associated with oak-root fungus begin to produce.

5 December 2015

Four Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming Your Trees


In order to save some money, you may be considering pruning your own trees instead of hiring a professional. Effective DIY pruning is possible, but many homeowners are not satisfied with their results because they make one or more of these errors: Pruning too late in the season. Most trees should be trimmed in the late winter before the buds appear, because they are dormant during this time. If you prune after this, the tree will have to expend more energy to put out the buds that are only to be trimmed off.

27 November 2015

Deciding On Which Method To Use When Removing A Stump


Stumps can be visually interesting if left in place, but if you'd rather replace your stump with something else or simply plant more grass, you will need to remove it. Stumps can be a hazard because grass and other plants can conceal the stump and make it easier to trip over them. There are several approaches to removing a stump, but all of these methods are inferior to using a stump grinder.

19 November 2015