Why You Should Hire A Professional Tree Removal Company


Whether you have a bunch of trees or just one that needs to be removed from your property, you might want to think about hiring a quality tree removal service instead of trying to do it yourself. To help you understand the importance of hiring a professional for this type of task, you will want to check out the following points. They Can Haul Away The Wood For You Dealing with the aftermath of a tree removal project can be a little messy, especially if you are not sure what to do with all of the leftover tree trunks and branches.

12 November 2015

2 Ideas For Camouflaging An Ugly, Old Tree Stump In Your Yard


If you have an ugly, old tree stump in your yard, you may have grown weary of having to look at it every time you go outside. If so, consider using one of the two ideas below for camouflaging the eyesore and making it a functional part of your landscape. Create A Raised Flower Bed Over The Stump One way to camouflage the stump is to create a raised flower bed on top of it.

6 November 2015

3 Tips For Pruning Young Trees


Trees are a beautiful addition to any piece of property. Since they are so valuable, it is important that you keep them safe from an early age. Careful tree pruning is imperative to their health and well-being. Unfortunately, many people don't know what they are doing when it comes to pruning their trees and end up causing more harm than good. Improper pruning can end up making the tree unstable and diminishing its lifespan.

5 November 2015

Removing Your Tree Stump Naturally


If you have a tree in your yard that is dead, dying, or a hazard to your home, you must consider removing it. However, the tree removal process is the easy part. The hard part comes when it is time to remove the tree stump. They are extremely hazardous to the yard because they can be tripped on, run over with the lawn mower, and encourage pests to make your yard their home.

4 November 2015

3 Tree Diseases That Can Affect The Health Of Ash Trees


Ash trees are broad trees with thick and sometimes scaly bark. The branches are symmetrical and contain compound groupings of bright green leaves. The arrangement of the branches and leaves gives ash a distinctive look that makes the tree an interesting addition to any yard. Keep your ash tree or trees looking healthy for years to come with some basic tree care. Tree care also includes knowing how to identify and treat some of the most common tree diseases that can strike an ash tree.

3 November 2015

Tips For Controlling Fleas And Ticks On Your Rural Property


While living closer to nature on a plot of rural land has many advantages, it also comes with the drawback of having a higher number of resident biting insects. Of all of the biting and stinging pests, fleas and ticks are two of the hardest to control and eliminate from your yard, especially if you have pets that spend a significant amount of time outdoors. Both ticks and fleas are very hardy insects that have adapted well to living long lives in the brush and other landscaping on your property.

27 October 2015

Learn How A Tree Trimming Company Can Help You Create The Ultimate Christmas Light Display


If you are someone who enjoys competing in Christmas light contests and want to take your entry to the next level, consider hiring a professional tree trimming company to make the job easier. The company can handle every aspect of tree decorating to ensure that your Christmas light display is as large as it can possibly be. The following guide walks you through the best way to make the most of the tree trimming company.

27 October 2015

What You Need To Know About Willow Tree Care


Willow trees are towering beauties that grow rapidly and can be found frequently around bodies of water. Due to their unique shape, willow trees require special care. Knowing the right techniques to care for your willow tree will keep it healthy and help to minimize any lawn frustrations. Pruning Younger Willows In young willow trees, you want to prune the tree to develop a strong central leader. This central leader is the future trunk for the beautiful cascades of leaves that willows are so well-known for.

26 October 2015

What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your Power Line


One of the biggest concerns you may have with your large trees is that they pose a potential danger to your property if they get blown over. Trees account for around 30% of all power outages due to their branches blowing onto power lines. When a tree falls down on a power line, you have to act quickly to keep your home and family safe. Here are the things you should do if a tree falls on a power line at your home's property.

22 October 2015

Tree Stump Removal Questions Addressed


When you have a tree cut down, there will almost always be a stump left behind. In many cases, the stump will not pose any problems for your home, and it can be allowed to decompose naturally. However, there may be times when a tree stump is proving problematic, and this will require you to have it professionally removed. For those that have never needed a tree stumped removed, the following information should provide you with a  stronger understanding of this type of routine yard work.

28 August 2015